Using our highly developed IT tools we offer our customers reliable services in the area of pay roll administration and HR tasks. If requested, we administer the employees’ pay roll and HR records and prepare salary payments. With an automatized online work process we prepare pay rolls and transfers for employees and tax authorities. We also provide information about benefits and opportunities and help to plan and build out the cafeteria system.

Monthly payrolls:

  • Complete payroll calculation and employee registration;
  • Preparation of the employees’ pay roll records and salary registrations – and their regular updates;
  • Monthly salary calculations, preparation of salary analytics and recording entities in the ledger;
  • Preparation of all documents at the beginning and end of employment and their posting to the relevant authorities;
  • Controlling and accounting of travel and any other employee cost refunds;
  • Keeping contact with relevant authorities (social insurance, health insurance organization, tax authorities).

Payment transfers and finacial arrangements:

  • Transfer of employees’ salaries fees and taxes to the relevant authorities based on the determined conditions.
  • Yearly data provision

HR administration:

  • Drafting contracts related to the beginning, modification and end of employment.
  • Check-in and check-out of employer and employee related to social and health insurance contributions. For foreign employees obtaining work and/or residence permits.
  • Tax and health insurance card management

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