Our accounting office was founded to offer complex financial and taxation services for small and medium-size corporations.  Our strategy focuses on offering tailor-made services to satisfy the individual needs of companies. In our work we are highly committed and responsible and offer services of the highest standards. We aim at optimal and efficient cooperation with company executives to support them so that they can manage their companies sucessfully. Our services include both related and unrelated elements. We are reliable and committed to fair and just business practices and take full responsibility for our professional services.

We have professional experience of over seven years. We have a special attitude and represent real values. We believe in continuous professional development. Our work is supported by auditors, lawyers and financial experts to achieve the best possible results.
With our customers we build up a relationship based on trust and we consider confidentiality very important. We represent our customers during official taxation control examinations and in any other cases. We handle business challenges in a customer-centred and complex way considering several aspects of the issues.

We welcome you among our customers.

Anita Mészáros
General Manager


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